April 20, 2015 : The bill containing measures regarding the introduction of sales recording modules (SRMs) in bars recently received royal assent. As a result, the operators of such establishments must, as a rule, provide their customers with bills produced by an SRM for all taxable sales of goods and services.

As of February 1, 2016, all bars and resto bars subject to the measure will have to use sales recording systems (SRSs) that are compatible with the SRM in order to respect their tax obligations.

The SRMs to be installed in these establishments are the same as those currently used in restaurants. However, the SRMs used in bars should be equipped with the Group Event feature. For more information on this feature or any other information about adapting your products, consult guide IN-579-T, General Guide for the Adaptation of Sales Recording Systems (courtesy translation), and other documents available in the Partners section of Revenu Quebec Website at www.revenuquebec.ca.