MEV/SRM + POS Grant up to $3 200


The operators of bars and people who regularly supply goods or services in the bar of an operator are covered by the new measures on the mandatory invoicing which come into force on February 1st 2016. Follow up quickly to get 80% subsidiary if implanted by November 30th 2015, 40% from December 1st 2015 to January 31st 2016. Subsidies END on February 1st 2016.

The maximum grant awarded for cash registers, POS systems and receipt printers is determined by the component of the grant you request.

Vic-Tek can install the equipment for you in addition to offering free training. Our support team will be available at all times to support you. Talk to one of our experts MEV & POS , it will tell you what impact the SRM will have on your business!

MEV/SRM in bars – Maximum amount of subsidy granted – full details on the Revenu Québec website

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SRM in Bars – Maximum Grant awarded by Revenu Québec


14 août 2015 : Revenu Québec unveils the maximum grant amount awarded.

MEV/SRM in bars – Maximum amount of subsidy granted.
Full details on the Revenu Québec website

SRM in Bars – Maximum Grant awarded by Revenu Québec2015-08-24T12:33:03-05:00

Information on SRMs for use in bars


April 20, 2015 : The bill containing measures regarding the introduction of sales recording modules (SRMs) in bars recently received royal assent. As a result, the operators of such establishments must, as a rule, provide their customers with bills produced by an SRM for all taxable sales of goods and services.

As of February 1, 2016, all bars and resto bars subject to the measure will have to use sales recording systems (SRSs) that are compatible with the SRM in order to respect their tax obligations.

The SRMs to be installed in these establishments are the same as those currently used in restaurants. However, the SRMs used in bars should be equipped with the Group Event feature. For more information on this feature or any other information about adapting your products, consult guide IN-579-T, General Guide for the Adaptation of Sales Recording Systems (courtesy translation), and other documents available in the Partners section of Revenu Quebec Website at

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MEV bars, vote on Friday April 17, 2015


This document is available in French only.

Le projet de loi 28 qui concerne l’implantation du MEV dans les resto-bars et bars sera voté vendredi 17 avril 2015 à l’assemblée nationale. La mise en place se fera à partir de septembre et sera étalée sur 5 mois. Revenu Québec – Analyse d’impact réglementaire – Projet MEV bars – Facturation obligatoire dans le secteur des bars. ADM-592

Ce document présente une analyse des effets attendus du projet de loi no 28, Loi concernant principalement la mise en œuvre de certaines dispositions du discours sur le budget du 4 juin 2014 et visant le retour à l’équilibre budgétaire en 2015-2016, relativement au déploiement des modules d’enregistrement des ventes (MEV) dans le secteur des bars.

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Partners Meeting 2015


Monday April 20  9h:00 to 14h:00.

  • Sam4s product line presentation
  • POS solutions review PremiceSoft & WinRest
  • DIGI Scale, product line review

Holiday Inn Aéroport de Montréal, 6500, Cote de Liesse Montréal, Québec H4T 1E3 Tél: (514) 739-6440 / 1-800-361-5430 Site web:

Inscription 8h30, café,  jus, croissant et danoises seront servis. Prix de présence lors dîner pour lequel vous êtes cordialement invités. Pour vous joindre à nous, veuillez S.V.P envoyer un courriel à ou contactez Pierre ou Luis au 514-337-5544

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Octobre 20, 2014 : MEV-Bar – Communiqué de la direction des relations avec les partenaires et de la planification de Revenu Québec.

«On June 4, 2014, the government announced that sales recording modules (SRMs) would be installed in bars and resto bars, meaning that all such establishments will be subject to mandatory billing measures and will be required to provide their clients with bills produced using an SRM whenever they supply taxable goods or services.

We expect to see SRMs installed in bars and resto bars gradually over the period from January 1, 2015, to May 31, 2015. Therefore, as of June 1, 2015, all restaurant establishments (including bars and resto bars) will be required to use sales recording systems (SRSs) that are SRM compatible in order to meet all their obligations, including the requirement to provide their clients with a bill produced using an SRM.

Please note that the SRM to be used in bars and resto bars that have recently become subject to mandatory billing is identical to the SRM currently being used in restaurants; there are no new features to be added. Consequently, if your SRS is already SRM compatible, you will not have to adapt it. You will, however, have to adapt your SRS if it is not SRM compatible.»


WinREST ( MEV-SRM Certified



This version meets Revenu Québec’s technical requirements and is compatible with version 2.19 of the sales recording module (SRM).

Revenu Quebec Revenu Québec – WinRest Restaurant Management Software-

WinREST ( MEV-SRM Certified2017-01-10T22:07:01-05:00

Dealer Show Sept. 2013


Lundi 30 Septembre 2013 de 9h:00 à 14h:00.

Présentations avec un survol des produits Sharp, DIGI, le logiciel WinRest pour restauration et  une présentation du nouveau logiciel PremiceSoft.

Holiday Inn Aéroport de Montréal
6500, Cote de Liesse
Montréal, Québec H4T 1E3
Tél: (514) 739-6440 / 1-800-361-5430
Site web:

Inscription 8h30, café,  jus, croissant et danoises seront servis.
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Prix de présence juste avant le diner pour lequel vous êtes cordialement invités.

Pour vous joindre à nous, veuillez S.V.P envoyer un courriel à

Pour de plus renseignements sur la conférence, veuillez contactez Pierre Kafri au 514-337-5544

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PremiceSoft Product Launch


NEW Point of Sales Solutions at Vic-Tek. For one or several locations linked to a single database, PremiceSoft let you manage all aspects of your operations while doing away with multiple interfaces and all redundancies, will help your business operate profitably, with the least possible amount of effort.

Whether using the keyboard, touch screen or mouse, with the help of Shop Point of Sale the user can quickly complete billing and counter sales.

Read more…

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Winrest v1.96


WinRest version 1.96 now available. PENNY ROUNDING FOR CASH TRANSACTIONS: For sales environments that do not include the penny, such as the Provinces and Territories of Canada, enable this feature to have WinRest™ automatically round sales up or down based on the recommendations from the Government of Canada.


Winrest v1.962015-08-20T12:30:13-05:00
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