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    1. LabelNet from Langley distribution in UK version 2.01b02 (January 5, 2017)
    2. DIGI SMS-v210078 for SM-120 version 2.100_7_8 (February 15, 2017)
    3. BkTCP-v20012 for SM-120 version 2.0012 (July 18 2016)
    4. All Manuals for SM-120

LabelNet and DIGI SMS are a free programs that enables you to configure the SM120.

Label Net software supports following functionalities on SM-120 scale model

    1. Sending Images (Customer logo) to SM-120 scales
    2. Send Scrolling Message and Scrolling Sequence to SM-120 scales
    3. Sending Shop Name to SM-120 scales
  1. All document and software available at this Google Drive Link