Health Care

We offer complete POS solutions for any health care business; pharmacy, private clinics, etc.

Choose a solution that will help you improve your customers experience and manage your resources more efficiently.


A Complete Solution

Choose a combination of hardware and software that suits your business

  • POS hardware
  • POS software
  • Scale hardware


Private Clinics

Enjoy all the essentials of a point of sales, plus:

  • Manage patients lists
  • Manage appointments
  • Manage empoloyees schedules
  • And more ...



Enjoy all the essentials of a point of sales, plus:

  • Manage retail items sales
  • Manage multi-layer pricing
  • Manage inventory
  • And more ...

Healthcare Point Of Sale (POS) Solutions

Vic Tek is a Leading Point Of Sale Solutions providing Company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Healthcare businesses like private clinics and pharmacies need Pharmacy POS Systems to complement their practice tools. For needs like nonmedical inventory items, booking appointments, or customer fidelity cards a POS setup can add value to the healthcare practice.

We help define what those additional needs are and offer the proper combination of Healthcare POS Hardware and Pharmacy POS Software. We can also work on ensuring connection and sync with any current system you have. This will enable you to get the best out of your current tools linked to a Pharmacy POS System. Contact Us Today for Pharmacy Point of Sale Software for your Healthcare Business.