Point Of Sale (POS) Software

What Is Point Of Sale (POS) Software

We offer and support a combination of different Point Of Sale (POS) Software Solutions. The choice is yours to fit your business, your budget and the level of support you need.


PremiceSoft POS

A versatile POS system that can be used in fast food restaurants, retail businesses, and hospitality. It has a range of fonctionalities that you can select to fit your needs, such as:
- Inventory management and multi-level pricing
- Customers contact management
- Integration to Accounting tools and payment solutions



A restaurant specialized software. It has a simple interface making it easy to use. It has a range of fonctionalities that you can select to fit your needs, such as:
- Table service management
- Multi-location integration with enterprise reporting
- Integration to payment solutions

Your Own POS Software

If you own a POS Software license or want to choose another solution we don’t support, we can still help you build the hardware solution around it and ensure POS Software configuration and POS Software installation is done properly.

Point Of Sale (POS) Software Solutions

A Point of Sale Software is installed on a terminal and offers capabilities to manage the business you operate. POS Software can be specialized by industry or versatile.

We partner with dedicated and expert POS Software developers to offer our clients the right Point Of Sale Software for their business. We can help you select the software, install it, and configure your business. The POS Systems we support are versatile and are compatible with most business types. Our expertise is at your service to make the POS Software compatible with your business and help you get the most out of your POS Software Installation.