POS Terminals

What Is POS Terminals

A point of sale (POS) is the station you use to capture a sale at your business. Various hardware options are available. Your business needs will dictate which hardware is the best fit. Also, the specifications will be adapted to your requirements; operating system (Windows, Android, iOS), screen size, CPU power, memory size, hard drive size, and connectivity ports.


All in One Point of Sale Terminal

A terminal with a touchscreen that can be connected to additional peripherials as you need. This is a convenient solution for customer facing counters where you will operate a point of sale software.



A tablet can be used as the touchscreen and the main or secondary terminal. It takes less space than an all in one solution. It can still be connected to other periphirals. However, they may need to be connected over a network or bluetooth.


A PC or Laptop

You can use a PC or Laptop as your point of sale terminal. It is a good replacement for an all in one if you don’t need a touchscreen.


Electronic Cash Register

The traditional solution to capture sales. Most ECR hardware is a solution including a printer and a cash drawer. It is the simplest solution. However, it has limited functionalities and can be difficult to configure.